Adrian Schulz Architekturfotografie


“BERLIN ON HOLD – Berlin during the Covid-19 outbreak“

A photo series about a city that has come to an abrupt stop … „a city on hold”.


Driving through the city on my silent e-scooter is an odd feeling. A normally uniform, metropolitan soundscape is reduced to individual, isolated sounds. You hear the wind. At empty intersections traffic lights control barely existing traffic. The large and well-used urban spaces are deserted. I hear myself. My footsteps on the pavement. Somewhere farther away, a bus is still maintaining its route. The city smells different. My senses are sharpened. Individuals using the city, become more visible and distinctive, are no longer lost in the crowd. Individuals are recognizable again, standing on their own in the great emptiness.

Here in the heart of Berlin, where tourists and visitors normally throng, it is mostly empty. Quite peaceful. The buildings that shape the city seem to pause in suspense, waiting for people to return.

I take the opportunity and take pictures. But as fascinating as it is to experience it, I hope it will be over soon.